NBC is worried about Jimmy Fallon, does he have a drinking problem?

He’s one of NBC’s biggest success stories — keeping “The Tonight Show” at the top […]

He’s one of NBC’s biggest success stories — keeping “The Tonight Show” at the top of the late-night ratings with bouncy show tunes and campy games. Last week, Fallon was stitched up at a hospital in Cambridge, Mass., after falling — and dropping a bottle of Jägermeister — while receiving the Harvard Lampoon’s Elmer Award for Excellence in Humor. It’s the party guy’s third injury in four months, and sources say NBC is worried that Jimmy Fallon’s drinking has become excessive. And while they’re not doing anything about it — yet — “It’s gone from being a whisper to a chatter,”


Nicole Kidman is in talks to join the cast of the much-anticipated Wonder Woman movie. Sources tell The Wrap that Nicole is a frontrunner to portray the Queen of the Amazons, in the blockbuster DC Comics film. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman will be featured in next year’s Batman v Superman and the stand-alone film will be released in June, 2017.


Some good news for the Biebs…was taken off formal probation by a U.S. judge yesterday after he was found guilty of vandalism last year for throwing eggs at a neighbour’s house. As part of his sentence, Bieber performed 40 hours of community service at a family homeless shelter, doing maintenance and janitorial work. He had also attended 12 anger management counseling sessions and was required to pay his former neighbor US$80,900 in restitution.


Tony Soprano’s white Escalade hits the auction block this month.  The white 2003 Cadillac Escalade ESV, which was featured in the last three seasons of the show will go up for auction November 12th. The late James Gandolfini signed the driver’s side sun visor and the panel above the glovebox. Bids will start at $5,000.


Is Justin Timberlake going Country?  He is set to perform a duet with a country singer Chris Stapleton on the Country Music Association Awards. A lot of speculations suggests he’s thinking about going Country for the next album or a mix of a couple genres.


The children of the late Casey Kasem have won a legal battle against his widow over the star’s US$2 million life insurance policy following his death. The beloved TV and radio personality’s adult children from his first marriage started fighting with his second wife, Jean, after Kasem’s health began to decline as he struggled with Parkinson’s disease. His widow and her stepchildren started squabbling over who should receive one of two $2 million pay-outs shortly after his death in June, 2014 at the age of 82.