NDP Push the Idea of Making Turks and Caicos Canada’s 11th Province

Could This Dream 40 Years in the Making Become a Reality, Or is It Too Good To Be True?

The idea first began 40 years ago. To turn Turks an Caicos, which consists of 40 low-lying islands Southeast of Bahamas, into Canada’s 11th province.

In 2014 serious talks began — until they were shot-down by former foreign affairs minister John Baird. With the convention coming up on Tuesday, the NDP are again pushing the idea via their resolution list. It states that an NDP federal government should develop the islands into an “affordable tourism industry for all Canadians.”

So what stands in the way of Canada and this Caribbean paradise? The Queen, for one, as T&C is a British Overseas territory. Law experts also note that adding a province would require a constitutional amendment.

While former Conservative MP Peter Goldring called it “a work in progress”, others such as Robin Sears, a principal at Earnscliffe and former NDP strategist say, “It ain’t going to happen.”

What do you think? Will Canadians ever have a tropical place to call home? Read more about it here.

Image via James Willamor on Flickr.