Nearly Half Of Married Couples Are Only Staying Together Because Of The Kids

New research finds that kids are the reason why some couples don’t get divorced.

Marriage isn’t easy and recently it appears it’s harder than ever!


A study of 2,000 married adults found that 77 percent are comfortable, while 15 percent describe their marriage as repetitive! 13 percent said that their marriage is the main cause for stress in their life.


One-sixth of marriage people say they are staying together because they can’t afford to be single.


The study also found just under 14 percent of married people would go as far as to say they wish they’d NEVER married their spouse.

Men are twice as likely to regret their choice to get married. It also emerged one in four married adults is still with their partner because they’re afraid of being alone.


Just under half (47 percent) are sticking it out because they have children together.


The national average amount of sex between married adults is just under four times per month.