Nearly Half Of Midland Officers Who Applied Have Been Rejected from the OPP

Small Service Banding Together Despite Rejection Letters from OPP

Midland’s Police officers have learned how many will move on to the OPP after the service disbands next week, and nearly half have been rejected from the Provincial Police.

That’s Midland Police Association Vice President Bill Gordon, who went on to say whether an officer is moving on or not, they’re still sticking together.

The Town of Midland has sent the issue of severance to arbitration, something Mayor Gord McKay says is done with all policing matters. Gordon says that could mean those who didn’t get hired on won’t see payment for a while.

The Midland Police Service is to disband as of February 8th, following a 6-3 cost cutting vote by Midland council. For more information on the transition, see the Town of Midland website.