Need Someone to Talk To? The Listening Post Barrie is Here to Help.

The Barrie Public Library will host this initiative through December

Your mental health is important. And, sometimes, you just need someone to listen to you. The Listening Post Barrie gives people a space to be heard. Here’s what The Listening Post says happens when we are heard:

“Something shifts inside us when we are heard. We know our value. We know our experience matters. When we can tell our story without being intruded upon by the opinions or advice of someone else we receive a gift. It is the gift of being respected just as we are. We are enough. Deep listening respects our privacy, individuality and our own wisdom.”

This program will be at the Barrie Public Library Downtown Branch,  60 Worsley St., Tuesdays 1:30PM -3PM and Saturdays 12:30PM-2PM through December.

The Listening Post Barrie is also at the The Busby Centre and Elizabeth Fry Society emergency shelters.


The Listening Post Barrie began its pilot listening site at the Busby Centre in the spring of 2019 and is a volunteer staffed, 100% donation funded initiative with one paid director. It is an initiative of Burton Avenue United Churchand financially supported by a growth grant from Embracing the Spirit, an innovation fund of the United Church of Canada.


Image: Barrie Public Library/ Twitter