Need Something to Do? Hit the Zoo!

You might be surprised what you see!

You might think that the perfect time to check out the wildlife scene is during the Summer because it’s warm, so you won’t need a sweater, or whatever. BUT GUESS WHAT!?

The perfect time to visit the zoo is NOW!!

Did you ever notice that after you pay your $30/person to get into the zoo on a beautiful Summer day all of the animals seem to be super bummed out? And because they’re bummed out, it makes you feel a little sad because you think they’re just sad because they’re in a zoo?

Such is not always the case! According to zookeeper and Reddit user known as “itwillmakesenselater”, animals are more likely to move around in colder weather.

“Think about your cat. That thing sleeps constantly, right? The big cats are just larger, lazier versions. Other animals sleep a lot during the day simply because that’s their biology. To see more active animals, go during cooler parts of the year or in the early morning or evening.”

So pack up that sweater and check out the zoo in the coming weeks. You’ll get way more bang-for-your-buck than in the dog days of Summer.

Boom. Lifehack.