Netflix Being Called Out For All The Smoking Scenes In Its Original Programming!

Whatever happened to teaching your kids about what's right and wrong?

Netflix has been criticized by an anti-smoking group, The Truth Initiative, for the number of smoking scenes in its original shows.

The Truth Initiative is a US-based, non-profit organization that is “dedicated to making tobacco use a thing of the past.”

The group conducted a study into Netflix’s original series and found that it has the highest instances of characters smoking on TV.

Stranger Things is the worst offender according to the group’s study, with 182 smoking scenes, while AMC’s Walking Dead came in second with 94 smoking scenes.

The other Netflix shows that appeared on the list were Orange is the New Black, with 45 smoking scenes, House of Cards, with 41 smoking scenes, Fuller House, with 22 smoking scenes, and Making A Murderer, with 20 smoking scenes.

A spokesperson for Netflix told Variety the service was “interested to find out more about the study” and that while they were happy “streaming entertainment is more popular than ever, we’re glad smoking is not.”