Netflix Will Cancel Your Subscription If You Don’t Use Your Account

Click in, if you haven't in a few months!

Netflix reported that it would automatically cancel your subscription if you haven’t logged into your account for over a year.

The popular streaming service added that subscribers who do not use their account would receive email and app notifications alerting them to the auto-cancelation, reported Daily Mail.

Any user who ignores the message or doesn’t confirm that they still want their account will automatically have their subscription canceled.

The company says it hopes this new approach saves people some hard-earned money.

Netflix has only a few hundred thousand inactive accounts. This is not much, considering n April, the company picked up nearly 16 million global subscribersduring the first three months of 2020.

Also if anyone cancels their account and rejoins within ten months after, the streaming giant will still have their favourites, profiles, and account details.