Never Stop On A Hill

What it takes to be a great leader

He began his policing career in 1978 in Kapuskasing. It ended in March 2014, after serving as Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police for the better part of four years. Coming up through the ranks, Chris Lewis learned a lot about leadership – the good and the bad – working for some of the best in the business and some of the worst. Those who follow him on Twitter (@ChrisLewisLLS) know the leadership anecdotes he offers on a regular basis. Many of them are included in his recently published book Never Stop On A Hill, alongside the thoughts of other police leaders, rank-and-file officers, support staff, and non-police leaders. They all agreed it is not job skills that make a great leader. Listen to our interview to learn more. Better yet, buy the book. It’s available through Amazon with all proceeds going to Special Olympics.