New Car Will Run off Cow Poop

The Price of Gas Could be Droppings

At the 2019 Tokyo auto show, Toyota debuted their completely redesigned Mirai concept vehicle.  At the auto show the company’s chief technology officer, Shigeki Terashi, announced that the Mirai, which means “future” in Japanese, could be powered for a year from hydrogen from a single cow’s manure.

In 2017, Toyota announced with Shell that they were building a powerplant in Long Beach, California, that would capture methane gas from dairy cattle manure and convert it into water, electricity, and hydrogen. That project went ahead in 2018 and is part of the infrastructure that will provide the hydrogen needed to run vehicles like the Mirai. But far more infrastructure is needed to make vehicles like this an easy choice for consumers.

CAR AND DRIVER says “technology has been outpacing the infrastructure. Electric cars, which would run on outlet charges as opposed to fuel cells, have suffered a similar problem.”


Image: Toyota