New Cat App So You Can Understand What They Are Saying!

Ever wonder what your cat is saying?

A former Amazon engineer is working towards making it possible for you to understand your cat! Javier Sanchez previously worked on Amazon’s Alexa. Now, he has a new venture: cat meows!


Sanchez is a project manager with tech company Akvelon, where he’s developing an app that will allow humans and cats to chit-chat.


Called MeowTalk, the app translates cat meows into something that can be understood by humans.

Sanchez and his team have narrowed down that cat’s meow for nine different reasons. Each meow conveys a different type of message or emotion.


Through his research and experience programming Alexa, the team was able to decode the meows into digestible phrases such as “I’m hungry,” “I’m happy, or “I’m in pain.”


The app, which is still in the development phase, is simple to use. Pet owners simply have to download it and record the cat’s meow. The app then translates the sound to let the owner know what their furry feline is saying.


Sanchez said the goal is to eventually make a collar that translates meows on-the-go.