New Census Finds That The Majority Of Pet Owners Cancel Plans To Hang With Their Pets

We truly are a nation obsessed with our fur babies, and a new study proves just how much they mean to us!

A Pet genetics company, has published the 2020 Pet Census, which surveyed 13,000 pet owners.


The research found that 72% of dog owners and 32% of cat owners have actually cancelled plans to stay in and hang out with their pet.


64% of those surveyed said that they consider their pet a member of the family or even their child.   17% of pets even have their own social media pages!


Over 95% of both dog and cat owners feel that their pet has a positive impact on their mental health.

But too much love and pampering may not be good for your pooch!  


Research has recently found that pooches are picking up allergies because humans are pampering them too much with overly decadent lifestyles. 


This kindness could also be contribute to our utility bills, according to other research, which has found cat and dog owners can spend up to 10% of the average annual energy bill on their pets.