New Coke Makes A ComeBack Thanks To “Stranger Things”

1985, The summer that changed everything!

So it wasn’t the proudest moment for Coca-Cola, in fact it was known as a darker chapter in the company’s past when they launched New Coke in 1985!

But, they are giving it another go! Coke and Netflix have teamed up to celebrate season 3 of “Stranger Things.”


Season 3 takes place in the summer of 1985- that was the year that Coke changed its formula!  New Coke was a huge marketing flop and was dropped after just a few months (79 days to be exact).

(Although, Vanilla Coke was pretty awful when it launched in 2002, it didn’t last long- they discontinued it in 2005)


Workers had to retrieve the New Coke recipe from the safe for the “Stranger Things” partnership.

New Coke will be available starting Thursday with a limited number of cans available. And An “upside-down” vending machine will also pop up in selected cities and will dispense free cans of New Coke for a limited time this summer!