New “Corona Stamp” Is Made With Toilet Paper And Features A Baby Elephant

Made with three-ply!

New stamps are usually for honouring inspiring people or moments in history… But in Austria, there is a new campaign to pay tribute to the global pandemic.


The new stamp features an illustration of the COVID-19 pathogen alongside a drawing of a baby elephant.

The baby elephant, in case you are wondering, is the mascot of the country’s social-distancing push.


Right below the elephant is a scaled measure of “1 meter,” which is the amount of space that health officials have ordered people to leave between them and others.  


Fun Fact:


1 meter, is also the average length of a baby elephant.  And, “If you put 10 stamp sheets end to end, you get a meter’s distance in total — or the length of a baby elephant.”  Each stamp measures about 10cm each.


The sample has been printed on three-ply toilet paper as a cheeky gesture to it being in such high demand at the beginning of this pandemic.


A “corona stamp” book includes just one stamp for a marked-up rate of 2.75 euros ($3.25) per stamp, some of which is intended for charity, reports the