New Couple Alert! Plus two celebrity meltdowns in one weekend!

  He doesn’t want to take your freedom-just your time…. New couple alert? Possibly! Reports […]


He doesn’t want to take your freedom-just your time…. New couple alert? Possibly! Reports say Kaley Cuoco and Sam Hunt  are in the early stages of a relationship. The two attended the 2016 Grammy Awards on Monday, not together, but they sure spend a decent amount of time with each other. And they left the after party together! A source says inside the party “It looked like they completely hit it off and were trying to downplay the flirtation as friendship but it was pretty undeniable.  Kaley kept talking to him with her hand over her mouth.”


Kanye West & Rihanna have meltdowns….

Page Six has released audio from West’s pre-show meltdown, which was supposedly caused when NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” techies tore out the shiny stage floor that West had requested because it was reflecting the stage lights in a distracting way. A source in West’s camp told Complex that West was not yelling at “SNL” staffers but was “venting his frustration in a private moment with his team.” West also supposedly threatened to walk out in the middle of the performance during the live broadcast. He ended up performing two songs off his new album, “The Life of Pablo,” without incident.

Surrounding the release of his latest album, West has been a fixture in the news. He alleged via Twitter that he’s $53 million in debt. After Kanye West revealed via Twitter he has $53 Million in personal debt from financing his dreams one fan set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for Kanye West.  -The site has raised just over $800….


An another meltdown…. Bad Gal Rih Rih, may have been especially bad Monday during Grammy Rehearsals. Rumours are saying that Rihanna didn’t miss the Grammy’s because of doctors orders, instead, she had a meltdown during rehearsals and refused to perform. Rihanna was set to perform Monday night at the Grammy’s up until Monday morning when she announced via Twitter that she would have to skip the event:   Rihanna’s people also released this statement saying that doctors ordered Rihanna not to sing…


The world had been waiting patiently for Lindsay Lohan to reveal which candidate would receive the precious, Lohan endorsement. Today, Lindsay made the announcement using Twitter, Instagram, and blessed hand emojis. Lindsay is backing Hilary Clinton and now we can all guarantee Hilary the presidency.


Yesterday’s Family Feud was not very family friendly. The always correct Steve Harvey asked contestants to “name something belonging to their ex that a person might pee on.” Yes, this is an actual question asked on daytime television. The Ragland family had no problem answering this awkward question. Tamika proudly announced, “All over… HIM!”