New Craze Called ‘Plogging’

This blends running and GARBAGE!

This year’s fitness accessory is not a new pair of LuLu Lemons, but rather a little black or clear, plastic bag!

Runners around the world are taking up ‘plogging’ – a fitness trend which combines fitness with environmentalism.

Joggers are packing trash bags in their pockets, so they can collect garbage they find along the way.

The trend is said to have started in Sweden, where environmentally friendly runners are collecting rubbish and showing off their bags of booty on Instagram.  The word ‘plogging’ is derived from the Swedish phrase ‘plocka upp’, which refers to picking up rubbish.

The trend has reached many cities around the world, with recent Instagram accounts popping up for plogginglondon, ploggingnyc and ploggingfrance, to name a few.

It is a grassroots style of exercise, where ploggers are encouraged to give it a go and post their results on Instagram.