New Dating app lets you find your favourite look-a-like!


There’s been an noteworthy development in the dating app world, for anyone currently swiping their way to true love.

Badoo, a UK-based dating app available worldwide, has launched a “lookalike” feature that lets you search for matches based on who they resemble.

That’s right; you can now narrow down your search, from the 350 million+ users on the app globally, to the ones that look like Ryan Gosling—or your high school sweetheart, or anyone else whose photo you choose to upload! And to make it as easy as possible to find a new bae that looks just like your old one, you can upload pics directly from Facebook.

Badoo uses image-recognition technology to identify 160 facial features, including chin size, eyebrows, and how wideset your eyes are, to find the swiping sweethearts that most closely resemble your celeb or IRL crush.

The site also has some pre-set celeb head shots that you can peruse. As of right now, there are 43 Zac Efron lookalikes, 689 Shay Mitchells, and 790 Ryan Goslings. There are also 773 Donald Trumps and 840 Stephen Harpers, in case you were curious.

Check it out!