New Detour In Place On Essa Road

New phase of infrastructure improvements underway

The second phase of the Essa Road rehabilitation begins today. Essa will be closed between Anne and Gowan Streets, as well an Innisfil Street between Essa and Caroline for the next six weeks.
The intersections at Essa and Anne and at Essa and Gowan will remain open. Barrie Transit will also be affected:

  • Route 1A/1B will detour both ways along Essa Road-Anne Street-Tiffin Street-Bradford Street. Route 1A/1B will service Allandale Waterfront GO Station from Tiffin and Bradford Street
  • Route 3A/3B will detour both ways along Bayview Drive- Gowan Street-Esaa Road-Tiffin Street-Innisfil Street. Route 3A/3B will service any existing bus stops that it can safely pull up to along the detour route
  • Routes 4A/4B will detour both ways along Burton Avenue-William Street-Gowan Street-Essa Road. Route 4A/4B will continue to service Allandale Waterfront GO Station from Platform 4
  • Route 8 (8A-SB & 8B-NB) will detour both ways along Yonge Street–Minets Point Road-Lakeshore Drive-Bradford Street. Route 8 will continue to service the platforms at Allandale Waterfront GO Station

The work on Essa Road is expected to be complete by the end of the year, and various closures will be required as the project progresses into future phases. Click here for more information about the project.