New Documentary, Expecting Amy Is Now Streaming On HBO Max!

Amy Schumer Is Planning To Expand Her Family Through A Surrogate

Amy has decided to stop her in vitro fertilization treatment to research the possibility of surrogacy to expand her family.

Amy and her husband Chris Fischer have an 18-month old baby boy named Gene, and Amy revealed recently that they started IVF in an effort to have another child.

Amy had a rough pregnancy with Gene, suffering from severe morning sickness and admits that she may not move forward with a second pregnancy.

Amy has a new TV documentary series, Expecting Amy where she shares her journey to motherhood and chats with friends along the way…

“Great! I am looking for a surrogate because I’m never doing it again,” Schumer quipped on camera.  Amy seconded that comment during an interview with Good Morning America!


The new Expecting Amy Documentary is out now!