New Door-to-Door Scam In Penetanguishene

Pair wants to check water pipes

OPP say a couple of guys have been making the rounds of Penetanguishene claiming to be on contract with the town; wanting to inspect water pipes for calcium build-up. They appear to be in their late 20s, wearing flourescent construction jackets and carrying ID indicating they work with Canada Home Service. That part may be true, but the part about working on behalf of the town is not. OPP offer these tips for dealing with door-to-door salespeople:

  • Ask to see the company identification, if they fail to provide it ask them to leave and if they don’t call your local police service
  • Warn your neighbors about them after they leave. Remember do not let them in your home
  • Don’t be pressured by any urgency to act on their scam. Always check the source of the information to confirm if it is legitimate before acting on anything
  • Tell a family or trusted friend for advice