New Fragrance Created By Ex- NASA Genius That Smells Like Space

Ever wonder what it smells like in Outer Space?

A chemist, Steve Pearce who used to work for NASA has created a Kickstarter project for a perfume that smells like space.

The fragrance is called ‘Eau de Space’.

Pearce was contracted by NASA in 2008 to work on a space smell project that could help with the training of future astronauts.

The chemist relied on notes from astronauts that had been in space!  The astronauts reported that the ozone smells bitter, smoky, and even like fried steak, rum, and raspberries.

Astronauts have reported experiencing a peculiar space smell when they remove their helmets after a spacewalk.  A lot of them report a meaty-metallic smell.

The Kickstarter campaign well exceeded its goal of raising $1965 with over $241,842 raised.  

Backers were asked to pledge $29 to receive a four-ounce bottle and donate another to a school STEM project.