New Group Called The Cart Narcs Are Here To Call Out People Who Leave Them In The Parking Lot!

We need this in Barrie!

There you are driving through the parking lot at the grocery store when you find a unicorn of a parking spot and wonder why no one else has seen it.  You joyfully attempt to pull in only to realize that some jack ass left a cart in the spot.

It appears that people are tired of this inconsiderate act that happens too often!  A group has been formed called the cart Narcs, and they are here to call out people’s bad cart habits!

A article explains that;

Cart Narcs, a segment on the YouTube channel The Woody Show, states in one video. “We’re talking about the dicks who don’t put their carts back into the corral.” They decided to take matters into their own hands by publically shaming people who leave their carts in the parking lot to ding cars and take up precious parking spots.

As this video is made for entertainment, it would be nice to have a real cart Narc in every parking lot!