New Laws Coming Down For Drivers Impaired By Pot

Province Getting Legal Ducks in a Row Ahead of Legalization

New behind-the-wheel rules from the province ahead of pot legalization. Premier Kathleen Wynne and Transport Minister Steven Del Duca today announced Ontario is introducing new rules on drug-impaired driving, increasing the consequences and costs associated with it. They say there will be zero tolerance for new, novice, or young drivers, while fines for those suspected of driving impaired would also go up. New, tougher laws against drug-impaired driving will include zero tolerance for:

  • Young drivers aged 21 and under
  • Novice drivers — G1, G2, M1 and M2 licence holders
  • All commercial drivers.

The province hasn’t figured out yet at what threshold someone would be considered impaired by pot however; that decision may come following an upcoming summit of police, public health, and other stakeholders this fall.