New Provincial Plan Takes Aims At Auto Insurance Costs

Fair Auto Insurance Plan To Combat Fraud, Lengthy Medical Treatment

The province has introduced a new plan it says will make auto insurance more affordable. It’s called the Fair Auto Insurance Plan, and calls for stronger consumer protection, along with better access to treatment for those injured in crashes. The plan claims to promote innovation and competition within the auto insurance industry, and aims to improve access to treatment and reduce diagnosis disputes for folks hurt in crashes. The Liberal Government says this plan will also crack down on fraud with the launch of a special position in the Spring, to combat one of the leading factors to higher premiums. Meanwhile, the PC Party doesn’t think this will have the desired effect. “If there’s one certainty here at Queen’s Park it’s this – this Liberal government has broken every promise it’s ever made on auto insurance,” said Ontario PC Finance critic Vic Fedeli during Question Period. “So many promises from this government, yet the average auto insurance premium in Ontario is still almost 55% higher than the average of all other Canadian jurisdictions,” he added. Fedeli also pointed out that this was the fourth government announcement about establishing an anti-fraud office. “Given this Liberal Government’s track record on auto insurance, why should anyone believe or trust them?” Fedeli asked.