New Research Suggests That Canadians Still Follow Traditional Gender Roles

We're all creatures of habit!

The research came out on Tuesday from a 2017 General Social Survey that suggests that Canadian women are more likely to do traditional chores like laundry and cooking and men are more likely to take care of the outdoor chores.

Couples today are sharing chores like doing the dishes and grocery shopping however.   More than a quarter of couples do share cooking duties if both are working, while men who are the sole income earner in the house tend to cook less.

According to the research, the chore breakdown goes like this;

Tasks Mostly done by women:


Doing dishes 50%

Laundry 61%

Meal planning 56%


Tasks Mostly done by men:


Grocery shopping 49%

Outdoor work and repairs 78%

The research also found that both partners almost equally organize the household’s social life