New Study Asks, How Much Money Would It Take For You To Ditch Your Bestie?

Can you put a price on friendship?

If someone offered you money to give up your best friend would you? Maybe, for a big number, like millions?  Well, according to a new study, many are willing to ditch their BFF for a couple hundred grand. 

Of 2000 adults asked in a new survey, about 40% were willing to part with their best friend for money!  It appears that we’re not that loyal anyways with 15% saying that they have bad-mouthed their bestie behind their backs…  And 11 percent admitted they had a Whatsapp chat that purposefully excluded certain members of their friendship group.

It gets worse.  7% of people say that they had flirted with their bestie’s partner and 6% say that they have kissed them…

Despite the bad friends out there… There are still “Good Ones,” with 84% saying that they’d do anything to protect their friend.

So how much money would it take for you to ditch your bestie?  Men would give up their best friend for $315,000 and the average person would give up their bestie for $350,000. For women it would take $185,000