New Study Finds That Bats Are Better At Social Distancing Than People!

Looks like we could learn something from Bats…

Bats are allegedly the cause of coronavirus, but when they are sick some species are masters at self-isolation.


A new study from The University of Texas says, “When they are sick and feeling bad, they [bats] are not interested in social interactions.”

Common vampire bats (Desmodus rotundus), such as this group day-roosting in a cave in Mexico, can form cooperative, friendship-like social relationships.


The study found that vampire bats, who are usually very social were found to “decrease physical social encounters through reduced movement” when they weren’t feeling well.  


When healthy, bats call out for each other when they are apart, the one’s who aren’t well, vocalize less, stay away-therefore they decrease the likelihood of transmitting illnesses, according to the study.


They also significantly dialed back their grooming and mating habits.