New Study Finds That Dads Are Happier Than Moms!

In a stocking new study to mother’s no where- Father’s are happier than mothers!

A University of California Riverside study of 18,000 people found that father’s enjoy parenthood more than mothers.

During the study, researchers looked at the well-being in three areas that included happiness, well-being, depressive symptoms, psychological satisfaction, and stress.

Surprise surprise, they found that fatherhood was more frequently linked with greater well-being than motherhood.  “Fathers reported greater satisfaction with their lives and feelings of connectedness to others, and they reported greater positive emotions and fewer daily hassles than mothers. “

The study also found that gender significantly impacted the association between childcare and happiness. Men were happier while caring for their children, while women were less happy.

The reason is because of how dads take care of kids, as they are more likely to play while taking care of them…