New Study Says That Cold Offices Are Bad For Women

True story!

The war of the thermostat is not just subject to you and your partner fighting about the temperature at home.  The struggle at the office is also a daily problem for women and according to a new study; it’s bad for us!

A new study out of the University of Southern California says, women perform much better when it’s warm than men.  So maybe, if the office were a little warmer.

The study found that when a room was about nine degrees warmer, women got 9% more questions right on a quiz than usual.  Men got 3% fewer right.  To summarize, at higher temperatures, women perform better on maths and verbal tasks while the reverse is true for men.

The researchers say their findings could “raise the stakes for the battle of the thermostat.”

Basically, women’s brains work better in the office when it’s warmer compared to men, who do better when the temp is cooler.

Regardless of this study, the war on the thermostat will continue and women will still be forces to bring in extra sweaters and feet heaters into he office to appease men!