New Study Says Wanting To Get Back Together With Your Ex, Could Be Due To Identity Loss

“It’s not you, it's me” and in this case, it really could be you!

A new study suggests that people who feel the need to re-spark a past relationship may be doing so due to a loss of their sense of self.


A research team asked a bunch of participants in their 30s who had recently had breakups questions about how much they did-or didn’t-want to get back together with their ex. Other questions asked revolved around anxiety, agreeing or disagreeing with statements….

The research basically determined that attachment anxiety and interest in getting back together with an ex were linked. Furthermore, results showed that those most interested in getting back together with an ex had a less strong sense of self.


The more attachment anxiety a person had, the more confusion there seemed to be over who they were as a person. So, before you pick up your phone to send that risky ‘You up?’ text, it might be worth checking in with yourself first.