New Study Suggests That People have Replaced Sex With Watching TV In Lockdown!

A new study says that people are too stressed out to get freaky in the bedroom.

One in 10 have admitted that there has been no boom boom since March.


As more and more studies on this subject come out, this research wanted to get to the bottom as to why people have lost their libido.


Anxiety and loss of sleep are at the top of the list of reasons why half of the people have replaced sexy time with remote time.


63% of people said that their TV now provides their release.

Among those who are having sex, one in four feel their sex life has been affected by the pandemic (25%), with those in a relationship or married saying they now only have sex once or twice a month.


As for the TV taking the attention, it’s not just Netflix or Amazon Prime shows and movies that occupy our time. 


Over half (62%) of people are focused on watching the news before going to bed, and 47% admit to ‘Dooms scrolling’ on their phones – spending hours filtering through bad news, which in turn has a negative effect on their libido.