New Survey finds sex doesn’t sell?

People less likely to remember products or brands in sexy ads…

Researchers at the University of Illinois analyzed almost 100 studies published over the past 30 years that used sexual appeal in the advertising adds… Adds that had partially or fully nude; models engaged in sexual touching or positions that suggested they were about to have sex; sexual innuendos and sexual embeds, or partially hidden words or pictures communication sexual messages.

They found that while people did remember titillating ads more than the ones without sexual appeals, they actually didn’t remember the brands themselves.

And when they did recall the product, they were more likely to have a negative attitude toward it if it had a provocative promotional campaign than if it was cleaner.
Less surprising, while the overall results were not separated by gender, surveyed men on average liked sexual ads more than women did.  But the research showed that still didn’t make men more inclined to actually buy whatever the sexy spots were selling.

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