New Survey Finds That Increased Time Sitting At Home Leads To New Aches And Pains

We better start moving!

According to new research commissioned by Preparation H®, three in five people report experiencing new aches and pains due to how inactive they’ve become since the quarantine began.


With four out of every five people spending more time at home than ever before,  the results are behaviour changes creating unforeseen health consequences, like physical pain, constipation, and even hemorrhoids.

The survey reports that people are spending an additional four hours each day sitting while at home, with 18 percent adding more than seven hours of sitting time to their days in 2020.


63% of people feel they are now living a more lazy lifestyle.  People are working from home, watching entertainment, and scrolling social media which has given us more reasons to stay seated.


This has also altered people’s bathroom habits. Since March, 50 percent of men confess they have spent much longer on the toilet than ever before.


Taking refuge in the bathroom, nearly one in 10 respondents have even taken a work call or sent an email from the toilet. Changes in eating habits are contributing factors to health issues like stress, physical pain, constipation, and even hemorrhoids.