New Survey Finds That People Aren’t Showering or Changing Sweaty Clothes After Home Workout!


Since lockdown began, many people have been working out at home-which is great!  However, new research suggests that we’re not following the same hygiene routines as we should.

A survey of 2000 people found that about 93% are doing home workouts at least once a week, but 73% don’t shower straight after they exercise.

And if that’s not gross enough, we’re sitting in our sweaty clothes for as long as possible, with 43% admitting that they will wait hours before thinking about taking off the sweaty socks.

18% admit they don’t shower at all…. 

31% of people says they exercise in the same clothes for up to three or four sessions before swapping them out for clean ones.

Of those who have equipment in their homes, 59% say they don’t think they need to clean it or wipe it down…

FYI, damp and warm conditions that surround your equipment at home are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria like E. coli, staphylococcus aureus (staph), bacillus, and streptococcal bacteria.