New Survey Says People Don’t Take Their Health Seriously Until This Age!

Age only matters if you’re cheese!

A study of 2,000 adults found 42 percent began to take more care from the age of 39 as they felt less energetic, while one in five started to feel breathless going upstairs.


It also emerged 28 percent of adults believe they need to take their health more seriously than they currently do, with 31 percent wishing they had done so while they were younger.


The study also revealed 56 percent are struggling to find the motivation to improve their health, blaming their dislike of exercise (41 percent) and healthy food (23 percent).


One in five admitted they simply don’t know where to start, 26 percent don’t have the time and 32 percent would rather be doing other things.




1. You didn’t feel as energetic as you used to

2. Not being able to lose weight as easily as you used to

3. Realizing clothes didn’t fit properly

4. A milestone birthday – like 40th or 50th

5. Getting out of breath going upstairs

6. Having to run a short distance and really struggling

7. You had high blood pressure

8. A family member getting ill / passing away

9. Injuries took longer to recover from

10. You had high cholesterol