New Trend For Halloween- Turning Your Bum Into A Pumpkin!

Butt.... How would you sit down?

No need to spend a fortune on a halloween costume this year, all you need is a little body paint and glitter for good measure!

Yes, paint your face however you’d like, just as long as your butt becomes a pumpkin!  Pumpkin Butt is the hot new trend with people taking to Instagram to show off their creativity! 


All you do is use the crack as the centre, drawing a stem on top, then the cheeks as the body of your pumpkin.


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🎃✨TWERK OR TREAT✨🎃 Tag a friend who has a pumpkin perfect bum!💥🙌🏼

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This isn’t exactly a new trend… as people have been painting their baby’s little bums forever… Seems a little more acceptable on a toddler!