New York Butcher Installs Meat Vending Machine!

Meet the “24-hour meat machine.”

An owner of a butcher shop and restaurant says that customers can now purchase steaks and chops with minimal contact with another person.


“The response has been unbelievable,” said Kevin McCann, the owner and head butcher at McCann’s Local Meats. “On Saturday, I was cutting and restocking the machine four or five times.”

McCann says he can’t take total credit for this!  His friend and meat distributor has been using refrigerated meat vending machines for years!


Kevin doesn’t just use the vending machine for meat… It serves another purpose…

“With regards to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of our customers here work in the hospital system,” McCann said. “A lot have crazy schedules, and not much time to do their grocery shopping. I’d like to give them the option to be able to come here, pick up a steak and a couple of different sides… to be able to sort of have a complete, healthy meal without having to resort to fast food.”