News Anchor Caught Cheating When Half-Naked Woman Walks Into Live Shot

Oh my!

Alfonso Merlos is a Spanish news anchor and was caught red-faced and red-handed during a live hit on a News channel that he works for.

Alfonso was hosting the Estate de Alarma (State of Alarm) news show from his home during lockdown when a half-naked gal walked into the background of the shot…Oh my!

Fans were quick to call the news anchor out, saying that the woman was NOT Alfonso’s partner.   Alfonso’s partner is Marta Lopez, a former star of “Big Brother” reality show.  It’s well known that the pair were an item…


Alfonso later apologized but insisted that at the time of the segment, that they had broken up….

Marta has said otherwise!  As for the half-naked woman, she was later identified as Alexia Rivas, a journalist at the local news outlet.  Rivas claims that the two had been dating for weeks…