NHL Policy requires six-month-old baby to have a seat at games!

An NHL policy that requires a six-month-old baby to have a ticket for a seat […]

An NHL policy that requires a six-month-old baby to have a ticket for a seat he can’t sit in is “absurd,” a Winnipeg couple says.

Shalyn Meady and Clifford Anderson purchased four ticket packages for the 2016 Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic game and the alumni game for $800, for themselves and for Anderson’s sister and a friend.  It didn’t even cross the couple’s mind to purchase tickets for the October games for their young son, William, who is still breastfeeding and isn’t old enough to sit up without help.

“It just seems so absurd,” Anderson said.
“It never occurred to us that bringing William would be a problem.”

Meady and Anderson said if they did purchase tickets for young
William, it would cost them an additional $400.

The couple contacted True North Sports & Entertainment and were
referred to the NHL. Anderson said the NHL agent he spoke to said
the policy is in place for safety reasons — every attendee must have a
seat. The agent also said the policy is in place because the game is

Toronto man offers to cover ticket cost

Evan Kosiner of Toronto offered to cover the $400 for William’s seat after hearing the parents’ story.
“Hockey and skating has always been a great experience,” he said Monday evening.
“When I heard about the family, I just thought it would be a great thing to be able to give back to them, to get a great first family hockey experience, and help them out personally.” The couple didn’t accept the offer and said they weren’t looking for a handout.


here’s the full store courtesy of CBC