No More Guns In Looney Tunes Cartoons On HBO Max!

Times are changing!

“Looney Tunes” has reworked its old cartoons over the years, trying to modernize the franchise for new audiences…And with the launch of HBO being the new platform for Warner Bros, there’s something new available…

HBO Max has announced that going forward, Looney Tunes will look slightly different. They say there will no longer be any guns used in the popular cartoon.

That means, when Elmer Fudd hunts for Bugs Bunny, he will not have his rifle. Instead, Elmer is allowed to use a sythe (like the grim reaper….) and HBO says ‘cartoony violence’ like ACME TNT is still in it’s episodes. Apparently Yosemite Sam is losing his guns too.

The original cartoons are now considered among the greatest in animated comedy. Launched in 1930, the film shorts were created to run before features in movie theatres before moving to TV in 1960.