No Wash Underpants!

If you’re not a fan of laundry, you may like this news!

You can now get underpants that you don’t have to wash for a week!

Danish fashion brand Organic Basics has been working underwear that is ‘durable, comfortable and odour-killing’, so users can go a long length of time without needing to change it.

The SilverTech 2.0 collection is filled with a secret formula that allegedly kills 99.9% of all bacteria and bonus – it gets rid of unwanted odours. The anti-microbial silver used in the underwear is the same material used by NASA to purify the water in the International Space Station.

Yes, you can save time and the environment at the same time! These new nickers help promote sustainable living which means preventing water waste by not using your washing machine as much!

They also have socks made for the same purpose. The eco-friendly brand also uses 100% recyclable materials, all of which is detailed on their Kickstarter page which claims to have created extra ventilation ‘in critical sweat zones’.

If you’d like to see these nickers take off, click on the Kickstarter campaign!