Nothing Says “I love You” Like A Lobster Tail Bouquet For Valentine’s Day!

Bouquets come with 4 or 6 tails!

The company in charge of Marketing Lobster in Maine has teamed up with two local companies to sell kits for making your own bouquets!


The kits include either four or six lobster tails, depending on where you buy them. Aside from the lobster tails, the kits also include “skewers, festive wax paper, a burlap wrap, and an original Maine Lobster Valentine tag.


Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co.’s kits, which come with four lobster tails, are selling for $82.49, down from $97.05. Meanwhile, Maine Lobster Now’s kits, which come with six lobster tails, are selling for $109.99, down from $129.99.


The lobster tail bouquet-making kits will be available to order online through Valentine’s Day.