Now You Can Get Movie Theater Popcorn Delivered To Your House

Cineplex Partners With Uber Eats

There’s something about proper movie theatre popcorn that’s difficult to replicate at home. Maybe it’s the seemingly chemical-based yellow dusting on the individual pieces, maybe it’s the ability to ask for several layers of butter topping… whatever the case, it’s just become available via delivery.

Cineplex has partnered with Uber Eats to deliver popcorn and other theatre concessions to customers in 60 communities across Ontario, Alberta, B.C. and Quebec.


“I know when I was studying for exams, I didn’t want to leave (the house), but I still wanted a treat,” Cineplex CEO Ellis Jacob told The Globe and Mail. “This allows you to do that or if you’ve got little kids and you want to watch something at home, you can do that and have the goodies at the same time.”

The Globe and Mail reports that Cineplex offerings from theatres packaged for deliveries. “Popcorn will be double-bagged and sealed at the top, so kernels don’t spill out in transit and hot dogs will be wrapped in foil and dropped off alongside condiments in small packages.”

Image via Flickr/Steven Depolo