Odd and Ends, November 4th and 5th

A new song from MAX may leave you teary eyed. And Ed Sheeran's music memory.

Lights has created 6 comic books that match up to the songs on her new album Skin & Earth.



Ed Sheeran is part of a new campaign called End the Silence in support of orphans around the world. Check out the 1st video to see a few more famous faces. In the second video hear from Ed and see videos of his childhood.

“No childhood should be one of silence. When a baby in an orphanage cries nobody comes to comfort them. As a result, they learn not to cry; internalising their pain, causing lifelong mental and physical damage. Deprived of love, deprived of life. Left to grow up without laughter, without music, without hope. Left there, children will never experience the love and protection only a family can offer.”


Here’s the the video for our Future KOOL Countdown Hit this week, Lights Down Low from Max.