OK To Take Pics of Celebs? Not According to Drake

Drake Allegedly Bullied Man For Taking Pictures of Him

Aspiring photographer Matt Small was at Polson Pier taking photos, a popular spot for people trying to get a great view of the Toronto waterfront. Suddenly a Helicopter appeared, and out walked Drake with two women, dressed identically in matching white parkas, skinny tan pants, tan boots and ponytail hairstyles.

Just when Matt thought he’d landed the perfect photo opp, Drake started shouting, insisting he stop taking pictures. According to a witness, Matt tried to walk away, but Drake scaled the fence and got in his face, snatching away his camera.

In fact, the scene got so bad that a witness had to get involved, threats were uttered and the Police were almost called to the scene. Drake managed to calm down, but unfortunately someone might still need to explain that he doesn’t down the waterfront.

A representative for Drake declined a request for comment.

Maybe Toronto’s nice guy isn’t so nice after all– or was he always that way?!

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