Old For New Springwater Smoke Detector Contest Brings in 40-year-old Alarm

Minesing Woman Wins Big Thanks to Long-Expired Smoke Detector

A 40-year-old smoke alarm just won a Minesing woman $700 in prizes. As part of Spingwater Fire’s Old For New smoke and CO alarm campaign, fire services were going door to door looking for Springwater’s oldest smoke detector with prizes on the line. The service says of all the homes they visited in May, 13% were not up to code. Residents were also asked to submit their expired alarms for a chance to win, saying Diane Grant of Minesing brought in a smoke alarm that was 40 years old. “The Old for New Contest was a fun incentive to get people to check their smoke/CO alarms and ensure that they had not expired,” says Jeff Corriveau, Fire Prevention Officer. “We received 20 alarms in total with the oldest alarms being 27, 35 and 40 years old. Any time we can get someone to change their expired alarms, we consider it a success.”