On This International Women’s Day- Things That Women Need To Do For Themselves!

Bad mom, train wreck, hot mess! You Rock!

The women’s survival guide according to Charlie!



Buy those shoes, drink that wine- eat that cake!


Don’t worry about your thighs! 

We are all perfect and imperfect in our own way- as long as you’re happy and healthy- just buy pants that fit!


Don’t half Ass It…

Beautiful housewife washing the dishes

If you’re going to do something- go all out and do it right the first time.  If its laundry, fold those shirts properly or if you’re vacuuming- move that end table and clean properly!  This holds true for your career also…


Validate yourself.

Don’t wait for others to do it for you.  No need to post deep thoughts on facebook or social media so others can comment.  You are amazing just the way you are!  You do you!


Don’t compare yourself to others!

This is a hard task since our social feeds are filled with other women who actually look like they have their sh** together- guess what; they don’t!


Say “f*** off” when it needs to be said!