Once Upon A Deadpool Is Out Tomorrow And Every 10-Year-Old Is Losing Their Mind!

Finally, my ten-year-old can watch this movie!

So if you haven’t heard, there’s another Deadpool movie coming out called “Once upon a DeadPool” this movie is PG-13 making it watchable for the younger audiences.

The latest trailer has Ryan Reynolds defending Nickelback after Fred Savage called them “Overproduced, formulaic eat Garbage…”

Nickelback responded to the new trailer saying “Well, that’s one way to start yours day.”

Once Upon A dead pool retells the second movie that a 10-year-old can watch without parents having to explain too much!

Ryan explains the movie as

“Almost like John candy and Macaulay Culkin. But with kidnapping, chest hair and cash grab. #OnceUponADeadpool”

One dollar from every ticket sold for Once upon a Deadpool in the U.S. between December 12-24 goes towards the Fudge Cancer charity.