One “D-Word” And Burger King Is In HOT WATER?

Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Apparently all it takes to make a group of people mad is… one word?
(no, it’s not a horrid word)

Burger King is in the middle of some backlash because of the word “damn”.

Conservative, evangelical Christian group “One Million Moms” has come after the burger flipping company due to the use of the word in an ad.

It was an honest, OOOOH damn this is good.

According to a press release the group “finds this highly inappropriate… he didn’t have to curse… Burger king could have simply chosen to edit the profanity of the commercial”.

Uh huh. Got all your snowflakes counted there?

This group is also responsible for:

  1. Urging JCPenny to drop Ellen as a spokesperson, because she’s gay.
  2. Forcing Hallmark to remove an ad that featured a lesbian couple on their wedding (remember that whole mess?)

Needless to say your opinion on them might have been formed by now.

Here’s a d word for y’all: dicks. That’s what you’re being.

Check out the ad below and gauge if it’s really that HORRID or not (the audio in question shows up at 0:46):