One In Three People Have Already Started Watching Christmas Movies

Merry Chrismas!

A new study on how many people are getting into the holiday spirit this year shows that many are starting earlier than ever.


Sadly, only 64% of people are looking forward to the holidays more than ever this year.


Of those people, two in five started in October, while 37% admit they started in September.  One in five as early as August.


When asked why they decided to start on the holiday flicks early, one in five admitted they needed some extra cheering up this year—which isn’t surprising, given 72% agree that watching holiday movies brings them comfort.

This may also be because 14% say that they have run out of things to watch and one in ten are just super bored, so they have started to watch Christmas movies.


56% of people usually have rules as to when they start to embrace the Christmas season.  In years past, 25% would start on December 1st. Of those, 67% say they will start earlier this year as a distraction.